In keeping with the demands of the time, the school has provided two well-equipped computer labs. Computer learning and computer-assisted learning are available for all subjects.



Both boys and girls are encouraged to learn a wide variety of culinary skills in our home science lab.


All the laboratories have excellent infrastructure that can accommodate 25 students which are well maintained and designed to ensure the safety and security of the students. Each lab is designed in a spacious area and is ventilated to support practical demonstration.


The school has a spacious and well stocked library. The library is made available to students during the periods assigned to them. There is a junior library which is used as a reading room for students at the primary level. The Good Samaritan School- Library has fully automated and configured by Lubuntu 14.04.3 (LTS)-32bit, Koha- Integrated Library Management Software. 


The school takes special care in imparting and administering health care facilities to the children. In case of emergencies medical care is granted from a stock of essential drugs and first aid provisions which are well maintained in a separate sick room available to boys and girls. Visiting doctors are available twice a week. Doctors, along with paramedical staff take care to ensure that each child has the appropriate height and weight requirements for their age.

Nutrition facilities are made available to the children who belong to the weaker sections of society to ensure that these children get the essential amount of calories needed per day.


The Good Samaritan School very much values the development of creative subjects such as music and song. We have a variety of instruments for students to experiment with and further develop their skills on.

Younger students will start out here by learning basic principles of music such as rhythm and percussion. Students will later move onto more advanced levels, such as guitar, as their knowledge increases.

We strongly believe that each student needs a balance of academics and creativity. The music room is just one of the many spaces in which we encourage these aspects of learning.

Our Audio/Visual room can accommodate 50 students and serves to efficiently communicate information in a visual way.

By providing the best infrastructure we ensure that students do not lack the support systems they need to succeed.