The school encourages participation in co-curricular activities and programs that will develop their physical and creative skills. It enhances the holistic development of our students. A combination of basic western music lessons and an emphasis on gospel songs, a pleasant and enjoyable environment is created.

To evoke a creative mind, the Art and Craft room provides an opportunity to bring out various models related to their curriculum. it also provides a platform to develop their interests, hobbies and personalities.


Our school makes an extra effort to ensure that physical activity is the basis for overall development. Games, both outdoor (cricket, football, hockey and volleyball) and indoor (chess, carom and table tennis) are emphasized to promote a healthy body and sound mind.
Our student participate in inter school sports and Delhi zonal sports, meeting in a true sportsmanlike spirit.


Planned, periodic field trips help to reinforce the curriculum and provide a setting for effective learning. Students learn through classroom instruction, audio/visual methods, group activities and field trips. Further outdoor activity fosters a friendly and healthy environment for evaluation and assessment of students.

We are always looking for new and exciting experiences to have students experience! Check the News and Updates page of our website for details on the latest activities being introduced.

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