Continuous Learning Plan



Good Samaritan School began the academic year 2020-21 through online platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube, and zoom for all classes from the month of April. In order to ensure the smooth transition from physical classrooms to virtual classrooms and to enrich the teacher-student communication, many WhatsApp groups/committees have been formed according to the objective. It has been aiding in the smooth functioning of the online classes.


Each section of all classes has a group consisting of all the students and the teachers who handle the various subjects. In the higher secondary level, apart from class groups, there are groups for different subjects as well. This helps the teachers monitor the students’ participation and performance better. The academic groups help in relaying all information regarding the subjects as well as instructions from the management. All lectures, notes, assignments, tests are all made accessible to the students through these groups. Teachers either pre-record their lessons in the form of YouTube videos or take online classes through Zoom.


There are four staff groups- Primary, Middle School, Secondary, and Senior Secondary staff groups. This connects the teachers with the supervisory heads and the Principal and helps in passing on of all important information. Every morning begins with a devotion and prayer from the Supervisory Heads that gives the teachers the much-needed boost to carry on their day’s duties. All contents that are taught in the online classes are sent to the groups for an appraisal from the Principal.

Online CBSE teachers’ training is mandatory for all teachers. The information on all upcoming training sessions is regularly updated in the groups by the staff who is appointed as the Training Nodal Officer.


In an effort to move from temporary solutions to a more long lasting and sustainable path, the school has opted to use Microsoft Teams as the platform for online teaching. This would help the students gain maximum benefit from online classes. The group helps in training the teachers to use the portal effectively. Microsoft Team will function as the official online platform for Good Samaritan School with effect from 3rd August 2020 (Monday)


Good Samaritan School has always made Values Education its priority. A core committee comprising of select teachers and Supervisory Heads, exclusively for

Values Education, decides on what values are to be taught each week. The information is then passed onto the teachers in the beginning of every month which helps teachers plan their lessons accordingly. This system fosters the same value to all students of all classes any given week. This helps the school move ahead in the right direction.


This group includes all the teachers handling Value Education in their respective classes. The main objective of the group is to share value-related content that the teachers come across, as a result creating a plethora of information on any given topic. This data base can be made use by teachers who are unable to find appropriate content for the classes and by teachers to make their classes more effective.


The Counselling Department of Good Samaritan School plays an integral role in contributing to the holistic development of the students. The group consists of the counsellors who work together to alleviate the stress and cater to the emotional and psychological needs of the students. The need for counselling has become more obvious than ever before and Good Samaritan School has always recognised its importance. Counselling is a two-step process in the online forum. The first step is the Counselling request form, which is a google form that is regularly circulated among all the class groups. Students who require the assistance from the counsellors fill the form. The second step is the counselling done through phone calls depending on the response in the form. The group helps the counsellors delegate the cases among themselves. In addition to offering emotional support to the students the group also caters to the emotion and the psychological health of the counsellors themselves.


This committee came into effect in early March, as soon as reports of the spread of the virus was documented in Delhi. This comprises of the Heads of the Department, Supervisory Heads and select teachers. This group caters to spreading awareness and educating the students and parents on safety measures and preventive care against the Corona Virus. Regularly this group sends out reminders on social distancing, hygienic living, wearing of masks and gloves to all students. This group works to ensure that both students and parents do not develop a complacent attitude with regards to protecting themselves and the others around them.


Multidimensional learning is the goal of Good Samaritan School. The teachers take an activity based approach in their teaching.

Subjects like Art and Craft solely rely on activity based teaching and learning, whereas in other subjects, activities are enmeshed in the syllabus. This enables the students to showcase their talents and even gain knowledge into the talents and skills

they possess. On a regular basis, subject related activities like painting, drawing, craft work, etc. are done by students. Apart from subject related topics, value based activities and skill-based activities like gardening, creative writing like poems etc. are also encouraged in students and showcased by them. Many students especially from the lower classes, show their learning achievements in the form of video presentations.  


If there is one thing that online school cannot compensate is the assembly time that is cherished by the students. However Good Samaritan School has succeeded in creating a virtual assembly experience for the students. Every morning, the online class schedule begins with an assembly time which includes a warm welcome to the students from a Senior Teacher followed by prayer song, a verse for the day and finally prayer surrendering the day into God’s hands. The morning assembly is compiled by the Music Department of the school.


During this unprecedented confinement in their respective homes, students run the risk of living a sedentary lifestyle which intern could pave the way for issues like childhood obesity, low immunity etc. Good Samaritan School faces this challenge head on with the help of the Sports Department of the school. The Department releases short, power pact yet highly achievable exercise videos. The students are encouraged and motivated to listen to the simple instructions and follow the exercises as demonstrated by the Physical Education teacher. HPE sessions start soon after the assembly and before the beginning of the academic classes. This ensures that the child is energized, sharp and ready to focus on the day’s lessons.