Student/Parent Support


The staff of the Good Samaritan School know that, despite the uplifting environment we strive to provide, there are many factors in a student’s life that can affect their education. With this knowledge and our students best interest at heart, we have provided our students with a counseling center where we offer a safe place to work through life issues. The counseling teachers in this center are caring and most willingly provide a listening ear and advice.

The transition from school to college can often be an overwhelming subject to work through and plan for. The counselors offer students the help they need to successfully transition into this next chapter of life. Budget advice, college locations, planning techniques and, ultimately, encouraging ambition are all topics that the counselors place high importance on communication to the students.


Communication between teacher and parent is important to us! We hold parent teacher meetings periodically throughout the year to provide parents with the opportunity to be further informed on their child’s education, to inquire, to show concern, to discuss ideas and to share thoughts. There is a high level of communication between teachers and parents.

Check our News and Updates page for details on upcoming parent/teacher meetings.


Each parent has a definite role in the efficient operation of a school and development of the students. If the school, as a whole, is to function effectively, the parents must assume their responsibilities and extend  co-operation and support to the staff of the school.

Parents are responsible for the safety of their children from the time they leave home in the morning until the time they enter the school premises and, at the end of the school day, from the time the children depart from the school and reach home. Once the child enters the school, the responsibility lies with the school administration.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the school, parents must also accept the responsibilities to:

  1. Cooperate with the school authorities in promoting good activities for all students.
  2. Insist upon good behavior on the part of their children while in the school.
  3. Instruct their children as to their responsibility for damages caused to the property of others, including the school property.
  4. Inform their children that they should arrive at the school, fifteen (15) minutes before the school timings.
  5. Make suggestions to the school Principal for improvements in the school functioning
  6. Walk with younger children to and from the school, using this opportunity to teach the children proper pedestrian practices. If the parents cannot accompany their children, arrangements should be made, if possible, for older children (brothers, sisters or neighbors) to escort the younger children to and from the school.
  7. Encourage their children to obey all rules and regulations of the school.
  8. Set an example to their children by their own road safety practices.
  9. Not to disturb a classroom and the children in the classroom under any circumstance.
  10. Remain regularly in touch with the day-to-day studies of the child and keep in contact with the school for the day-to-day studies of the child.
  11. Check the school diary daily and take note of and sign the remarks made or instruction given in the diary from time to time.
  12. Give sufficient time and attention towards the progress and daily work of the child.
  13. Attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting on the given date and time. The school administration will take serious view of parents regularly absenting themselves from such meetings.
  14. Inculcated in their children respect for persons, property and environment.
  15. Ensure that the child packs his school diary/ books/ notebooks/ pen/ pencil box as per the timetable every day.
  16. Avoid use any kind of tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc. while entering the school premises and spitting in the school campus.
  17. Provide a written explanation to the school when the student has to leave school before the scheduled dismissal time or is absent or late for school.