School Uniforms

  1. Students have the responsibility to choose their attire and to arrange their personal appearance in a manner that is safe, healthy, decent, respectable, inoffensive, and not disruptive to the educational process.
  2. The student dress code is intended to create and preserve a positive climate for teaching and learning, reduce the possibility of discipline problems, and preserve school order and safety. The intention of the policy is to seek compliance from students and to avoid disciplinary action for repeated offenses or serious aggravating circumstances.
  3. Students’ style of dress or grooming must meet the reasonable requirements of a course or activity. Accordingly, students are prohibited from wearing:

a. Jewelry/ body piercing (example: spiked jewelry, chokers, rings, bracelets) that pose a health or safety hazard or is disruptive to the orderly process of the school
b. Chains that could cause injury to others
c.  Sunglasses and caps which are considered inappropriate for inside wear.
d.  Medical exceptions may be considered by the Principal.
4. Attire shall be disallowed if, in the judgment of the Principal, such attire may negatively impact the climate for teaching and learning in the school.
5.  The Principal will have the authority to suspend or waive the restrictions on clothing for social events and school-sponsored activities aimed at promoting school spirit.
6.  Neither boys nor girls are allowed to wear tight fitting clothes to school. School uniforms are compulsory for all classes. Students must be in neat and tidy uniform.

Summer Uniform should be worn from April to October

Summer Uniform:     

Girls:                                       Boys:

Class I – II

Bib Skirt                                 Half Pant

Checked Shirt                       Checked Shirt

Black Belly                             Black Shoes

Class III – V

 Skirt                                       Half Pant

Checked Shirt                       Checked Shirt

Black Belly                             Black Shoes

Class VI – VII

Divided Skirt                         Full Pant

Striped Shirt                          Striped shirt

Black Belly                             Black Shoes

Class VIII – XII

Salwar/Pant Kameez           Pant

Dupatta                                  Striped shirt

Black Belly                             Black Shoes

Winter Uniform should be worn from November to March,

Winter Uniform for boys and girls:

F o r   C l a s s   I   –   X I I :

Full Pant

Full sleeves Checked Shirt (Class I – V)

Full sleeves Striped Shirt (Class VI – XII)

F o r   G i r l s   f r o m   C l a s s   V I I I   –   X I I :

Salwar/Pant Kameez/Dupatta

O t h e r   w i n t e r   u n i f o r m s :

Black Belly (for all girls)

Black Shoes (for all boys)

Bottle green socks (for all)               

Yellow Full/ Half sleeves sweater/ Bottle green blazer (for all)

Bottle Green Scarf / Muffler/ Cap (for all)

Tie (For all except for girls from class VIII – XII)