Admission and Withdrawal

  1. The Application Forms for admission to the school for general category will be available in the school office for new admission from November of every year for Rs. 25/-.
  2. There will be a special application form for economically deprived children who hail from the slums. This is free of cost and will be made available on specified dates and as per the available vacancies.
  3. Students who are admitted under this category are required to submit a fresh income affidavit from a first class magistrate before the commencement of a new academic year, failing which the freeship will be cancelled.
  4. The freeship will be cancelled with change in the economic status of the family.
  5. The student should attain the age of 5 by March 31st of the year of admission for Class I admission.
  6. Academic year starts on the 1st of April and new admissions are discouraged after 31st of April. For special reasons admissions can be considered up to 31st of July. However, the fee has to be paid for the whole academic year.
  7. The Parents / Guardians are asked to fill all columns in the registration forms with utmost accuracy and attach copies of the following documents. Incomplete application forms will be rejected.
    1. Birth Certificate – from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi or from any other State
    2. Residential Proof –Ration Card or Land Allotment Letter or Election Identity Card or Rent Agreement MTNL or Electricity bill.
    3. Report Card – from the former school for the class passed / studying in.
  8. The Admission Committee will scrutinize all applications and decide on the admissions. The first list will be released by the first week of February.
  9. If there are more applications than available seats, lots will be taken for entry level in the presence of a nominee of the Delhi Directorate of Education.
  10. The Admission Committee has its own rights to decide the class in which the child is best suited if given admission.
  11. The originals of the following documents are to be submitted at the time of Admission.
    • Birth Certificate – from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi or any other State
    • MTNL or Electricity paid bill if Rent Agreement is submitted for Residential
    • Transfer Certificate from previous school.
    • Students taking admission in Class IX should get permission in a letter from the Directorate of Education, NCT of Delhi.
    • Students from other States of India taking admission in class IX should get their Transfer Certificate counter signed by the respective State Directorate of Education and /or CBSE as the case may be.
    • Students from other States of India or other Countries taking admission in Classes IX to XII should get approval from the Directorate of Education and get their Transfer Certificate counter-signed by the CBSE or whichever Board concerned.
    • Students taking admission in Classes X and XII should get approval from the Directorate of Education and CBSE.
    • Migration Certificate for students taking admission for Class XI from other States or Counties or other Boards.
    • Report Card from the former school for the class passed.
    • Income Certificate from Magistrate for EDS category.
    • The copies attested by gazetted officer for the following documents are to be submitted
    • Residential Proof – Ration Card / Land Allotment Letter / Election Identity Card.
    • BPL card for EDS category.
    • SC /ST /OBC certificate if applicable.
    • The originals of the above said documents are to be produced for verification at the time of admission.
  12. If any document submitted to the office is found to be incorrect on a future date, the admission will be withdrawn.
  13. When admission is taken in the middle of the academic year, the full fee has to be paid from the date TC was given by the previous school after clearance of their dues.
  14. At least one calendar month’s notice in writing should be given for the withdrawal of the child from the school. However, full fees for the month will be charged.
  15. Transfer Certificate can be obtained only after all the dues have been paid.
  16. Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificates are ordinarily not issued. In special cases such certificates will be issued after one month of receiving the application, if a photocopy of the original is attached and/ or after verification, and on payment of Rs.200/-.
  17. The School Management, acting through the Principal will request the withdrawal of a pupil who fails for TWO consecutive years in the same class.
  18. The names of students who remain absent without prior sanction for three consecutive school weeks shall be struck off the rolls.